American Gallery
Weight and Spring-Wound Banjos
L-R $400, $795, $795, $425
Left: Ingraham "Nanza" spring wound banjo 8-day time and strike, ca. 1917 - GRO, 38" H.; Middle:Weight banjo by unknown maker- all original w/ some gesso flaking on tablets; second generation,in Mahogany,c. 1830; Right: Unsigned weight-driven banjo, time only, in Mahogany. Good tablets and 2nd generation movement. GRO; Far Right - Henry Ford Museum limited edition reproduction of Willard 'Hull' banjo c 1970 (over-hauled movement) GRO

Ansonia Crystal Regulators
L.$350;R $795
Left:Ansonia Crystal Regulator w/Cupid at the Anvil - porcelain dial w/ brocot escapement and mercury pendulum; counts hour, strikes half-hour; GRO (Cupid missing back wing - not visible from clock front); "Marquis" w/ ormulu finish, porcelain dial w/ brocot escapement and mercury pendulum; counts hour, strikes half-hour; GRO 15.5"H

Chelsea Mantle House Strike - $450
Chelsea mahogany dome mantle clock with house strike.  Inlay and ivory beaded moulding - Sold by Shreve, Crump, & Low Co. Boston  GRO  12.5"H

New Haven Drop Octagon $425
New Haven Drop Octagon #2 ca. 1880 - fine banded rosewood case - 8-day time and strike w/ excellent carving and original lower tablet

L. Colonial Floor Clock $1995; R. Herschede Model 217 $2995
L. Colonial Mahogany cased floor clock w/ premium 5-bell (Westminster chime) Winterhalder & Hofmeier cable-driven movement c.1920.  Full column design w/ buryl panel on plinth GRO - understated and classic; R. Herschede 9-tubular bell triple chime (West., Whitt, and Canterbury) in mahogany case, c. 1948, just overhauled split pediment w/ half columns and buryl panel on plinth

ST Crystal Regulators, French Gothic L-R $225; $275; $479
Left: Seth Thomas Empire 301 8-day T&S, beveled glass and mercury pendulum;p.106 Ly's book - GRO; Middle: Seth Thomas Empire #43 crystal regulator w/ mercury pendulum, beveled glass, 8-day T&S; p. 100 in Ly's book - good porcelain dial, nice columns, GRO; Gothic French A-1 T&S movement - fine porcelain dial w/ beveled glass and mercury pendulum (Spaulding -Chicago jeweler) - GRO